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THE BRIEF..........................

To create a ‘virtual open day’ where potential overseas and regional RMIT students can experience the vibrancy and excitement of RMIT’s Open Day.

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THE PROJECT.........................

We worked with RMIT to create four immersive 360˚ virtual reality videos that explored RMIT’s 3 campuses on Open Day. This included an exciting introductory video and three campus-specific videos all guided by the voice of a friendly RMIT student.


Potential students were sent RMIT-branded Google Cardboard – a cheap but beautifully designed cardboard kit that users could assemble into their own virtual reality headset. Once users placed their Android or iOS smartphone in the viewer they were automatically played the 360˚ introductory video allowing them to see RMIT’s bustling campuses and Melbourne itself by turning their head in any direction. It is like they were actually there on open day.


Users were then presented with a series of questions, asking them about their academic interests. By ‘lingering’ on the correct response, the quiz guided them through four stages of questioning. At this point users were played one of three ‘campus’ 360˚ videos specific to their interests. If they were interested in design they were shown the vast range of facilities of RMIT’s design schools. If they were interested in business they were instantly immersed in the lecture theatres and tutorial rooms of the business school. On completion they were given the opportunity to watch any of the other videos to learn more about RMIT.


Upon exiting the immersive 360˚ videos, users were given the opportunity to enter their details including their name, email address and current high school, pre-populated from a list of suggestions. Once submitting, users were emailed a valuable information pack with PDFs relevant to the types of tertiary education they were interested on based on the app’s interactive quiz.


Using Sandpit’s Platform, these leads were integrated into RMIT’s Salesforce CRM to be nurtured over time converting them into RMIT’s students of the future.

THE TECHNOLOGY..........................

iOS app, Android app, Unity Games Engine, VR

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